February 1, 2018

Hi I'm Mark Miller, comedian, writer, artist, doer of things.

After years of pondering how to best go about showcasing my ideas, I have settled upon [sic] Joeks.
I host an open mic/ writers room under that name, but it is also a catch-all label which I try to brand all of my content under... or at least the podcasts that I come up with...

What you'll find here are the various podcast concept ideas I come up with. At the moment the only concept I'm posting is "A Very Special Episode" which is deconstructions and commentaries of classic sitcoms by way of live staged readings and interpretations by myself and my friends.

...Other ideas will be outlined as I release them.

My hope is that you will "buy-in" to ME...
Not just one idea of mine, but the whole package of things that come from my mind, because I have so much to offer and share.

Thanks for checking out what I've got so far.

Stay tuned for more.