Sunday Dec 31, 2017

A Very Special Episode - Boy Meets World - "A Very Topanga XMas"


Happy Holidays

Well it's actually old from the archives (As are all the AVSE releases) but this is one that I haven't posted anywhere yet, so unless you were at the original recording of it, you haven't heard it.

On this one I got the gang together to take a spin on a Xmas Episode of Boy Meets World... the one where Corey freaks out and thinks he has to break up with Topanga because she has different christmas traditions from him. 

Things to know as you listen:
This audio is pulled from a camera phone video which cut out at two different points. Therefore we missed about 3 pages of the performance in the middle of the show and then the last 6 pages of the show... I'm super appreciative that Heather Miles was able to snag the video that she did get though, otherwise there would be no record of it having ever happened..

BUT ANYWAYS, since there are missing part of the recording, you'll hear me jump in to summarize what you missed.

There are also som fun musical interludes from my music archives.

The cast was:

Mark Sine - Corey Matthews
Sarah Gorman - Topanga
Bob Rose - Mr. Matthews and Feeney
Mike Moran - Erik Matthews and Shawn's Brother
Ian Salyers - Shawn.
Rex Anderson - Info Guy
Mark Miller - Smart Ass Commentary and Stage Direction

Beyond that I think everything proceeds as outlined in my introduction and according to our usual order of operation... 

As a refresher, here again, is a...

Quick Synopsis of the Concept.

  • We start with a transcription of an old sitcom, particularly the ones of a "Very Special" nature, wherein the otherwise happy go lucky cast is suddenly faced with an intense situation.
  • I then script out a commentary/ play-by-play of the stage directions and other actions, which often includes contextual and comedic notes on what is happening in the show...
  • Sound effects, transition music and other comedic/editorial sound choices are developed and triggered during the performance
  • We perform the whole thing (comedians, actors, improvisers and me) for a live audience.

As I read the commentary and supply extra direction and misdirection it sometimes leads us to unscripted territory. We use several different comedic tools and vehicles to spice things up from show to show. Sometimes I'll ask a scene to be re-read with different accents, or we'll swap parts, or I'll ask my cast to improvise the whole scene over again with a new input or switch to the attitude.

I hope you all enjoy this one..

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